A Bit About Our Daughter Heather

We would like to say something about our young daughter Heather. It seems she grew up so fast, and we didn't get to go through her teen years with her. But we are very proud of Heather, because she became an adult overnight. Heather came to us a complete surprise 8 years after her brother Scott. He was born in 1969, and Heather was born in 1977. Scott wanted a little brother or sister so bad, and finally God answered our prayers and gave us Heather. We were a complete family now. When Heather became pregnant at only fifteen years old she started thinking about her responsibilities. She married a month before she turned sixteen. Two months later, left by her husband, she decided to go on with her life. She gave birth to her daughter, Amber Linn Lequieu, when she was 16 years old. Divorced at seventeen, she decided to go forward and continue her education. In August of 1995, she went back to school to earn her High School Diploma. She even went to home school so she could stay home and take care of her little daughter. Heather took care of Amber all day and when she went to sleep Heather did her homework. In January of 1996 she completed all her credits with all "A's" and one "B". She planned to walk with her graduating class that June. But Heather decided to take Amber and move back with Amber's "Father" and be a family. June 6,1996, at the age of eighteen years old, Heather lost her daughter. So when she received her diploma she wasn't walking with her class. It was on June 12, 1996, right after Amber's funeral. She did get that High School Diploma, the one she was told she would never get by Chris. In May 2000, Heather entered Med School. And in October 2001 she graduated with honors, staying on the Dean's List the entire length of her schooling. She plans to continue her education further, eventually becoming Medical Tech in Microbiology or Chemistry. While she was trying to be a "Teen Mommy" and all through the hard times, Heather never once asked us to watch Amber Linn so she could get some sleep, rest or even to go out with her friends.
She was a wonderful loving Mommy! GOD BLESS YOU HEATHER....

Love Mom and Dad

"Heather at her graduation from
Med School Oct 26, 2001"

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