It Ain't Fun Being A Pumpkin Guard

My farmer placed me out here
In front of his barn
I suppose my job is guarding
These pumpkins from harm.

I had rather be out front
For passing children to admire
Just standing here guarding pumpkins
Eventually I am going to tire.

Maybe when Halloween is near
He'll move me to the front yard
I sure enough hope so because
It ain't fun being a pumpkin guard.

Ralph L. Clark 10-08-2001

This poem is copyrighted
and not to be used without
my permission.

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John is so proud of his little Granddaughter Jessica.
Jessica has her Grandpa wrapped around her little finger.
Good for you Jessica..

Jessica at Chester Farms
Churchville,Virginia, October 2002.
Jessica is at the petting zoo having so much fun.
I was told that she went on a hayride too.
Then she got to pick her own pumpkin.

Jessica in her costume for Trick or Treat.

Grandpa John & Granddaughter Jessica Wish You All A Safe And Fun Time....

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