Happy Fall Ya'll



"Trick or Treat ...give me something good to eat"...all the children say...
as they get their bags filled with candy and scurry on their way.

On to the next house... fast as they can go
looking for porch lights...and pumpkins all aglow.

Some are scary...some are cute
all shapes and sizes wanting the loot.

Scary decorations and eerie sounds
give them chills and leave 'em spellbound.

Finally done...bags are full...
hurry off to home...as the next day they often have school.

Eat some candy and save some for later
And Mom puts what's left on top of the refrigerator.

Kiss them goodnight and tuck them in bed
and soon visions of all their candies... dance in their head.

All through the night...they toss and turn
ate to much candy...when will they ever learn.

Glad Halloween comes only once a year
although in their costumes they are so dear.

So Happy Halloween to all my friends
and this time next year we'll do it all again !

By : Trisha F.Maxwell
September16, 2003

Poet Mommy Trisha & all of her girls.

Kelsea....McKayla at Grandma Campbell's....

Trisha & Her Family Wish You All A Safe And Fun Time....


Midi "CelticFrolic" is used with permission
Original Musical Compositions by Geoff
Copyright Geoff Anderson / 2002

Made With Love

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