Twinkle Toes

Hello There...I'm charmed to meet you,
Thank you for visiting me,
My name's Twinkle Toes, Ohhh that's too,
Tooo unrefined...sooo silly.

My family calls me such...Yesss,
This piano's the real cause,
Oh I declarrre, I do have stress,
I love music for my paws.

I feel most elegant playing,
Beauty is me, Ohhh Yes indeed,
You know, I'm charmed you are staying,
Visiting sooo meets my need.

Just like music, it has an airrr,
About it everywhere, Yes?
Yesss...I should like to be called Cher,
She's my cup of tea, I guess.

Most exquisite lady, in black,
Her hair's sooo sleek and shiny,
Sooo like mine, Ohhh...we have no lack,
And her song tones aren't whiney.

Charmed...Sooo pleasant to talk with you,
Come see me again one day soon,
Dooo call me Cher the next time too,
Yesss...I'll twinkle toes a tune.

©Sondra McPherson
August 4, 2004

used with permission


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Lil Foot


Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Her Permission


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