Tommy Tomato

Tamaaaaaato - - - Toemaaaaaato
or Tiny Tommy Toes,
I`m not Rustic -------- I`m Red
Beauty of Summers Grow.

I can be sliced,diced,quartered,
quick snack,primary veggie
for suppers display,
I sometimes even hug slices of bacon
for "BLT`S" menu array....

I wear color of blush
just as sometimes you too do,
Cukes are my most favorite veggie side kick
oooooooooh,I hope they are yours too!

Yes,I am Tiny Tommy Tomato
spice color of your *cool dude`s* salad see,
I love to make your body healthy
I love you true --Now tell me friend-
do you too love me?

Author: Sherry Kersey ©

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