The New Kid

Oh my, I think I'm the new kid,
And I don't mind tellin' you,
I'm scared, I'm gonna close this lid,
Hard tellin' what these cats do!

Look at them, they're starin' at me,
Hey, that one is just glarin',
I wonder if I'm gonna be,
Thrown out, wish they'd start sharin'!

These older cats have a nice place,
I'd like to live here with them,
Maybe if I say somethin ace,
Like, "I'm the new kid, name's Tim!"

Hey, found out they're all mama cats,
Yeah man cool, I'm a winner,
I'm their boy, won't be causing spats,
Hey, I'm hungry, let's eat dinner!

Gosh, they love me lots already,
Whew, big relief for me here,
I'm nice, takin slow and steady,
I love them, they call me 'dear.'

©Sondra McPherson
August 6, 2004

used with permission

New Kid
Performed by
Margi Harrell
Used With Her Permission

Mouse stars courtesy of Kurt Grigg.

Made With Love