Oh they play such high stepping music,
And the cover charge is free,
Grab your hat and come along,
To the Teddy Jamboree.

Take your partner by the hand,
Now tap your toes real fast.
We are gonna have a hoedown,
Forever the memories will last.

First you change your partner,
Then go for a do-si-do.
Ready for some twirling fun?
Hold fast and don't let go!

Dance again my special friends,
To the beat, one and two and three.
Remember now you learned to dance,
At the Teddy Jamboree!!!

Author Gayle Davis
August 28, 2004

Used with permission

Please visit her wonderful site.

An Hour With You

Thank You So Much Gayle,
For Sharing Your Poems

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MusicGlowCanPick Hoedown

Sequenced By: GlowCanPick
Permission Granted

Made With Love