Love my rubber ducky
Bobbin up and down
Splishing and a splashing
Water all around

Bubble up so beary nice
Water temp exactly right
Love to soak my time away
Yup this happens every day

Soap and water is the best
Relaxing just relieves the stress
I don't mind that you dropped by
Although I do feel kinda shy

I just think that you should know
This is just my time to glow
Feeling squeaky clean that's me
Soothes my soul just naturally

So when you need an extra lift
Let your mind just simply drift
Soak away your cares like this
Assuring you of perfect bliss.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright February 2003

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Splish Splash
Performed by
Margi Harrell
Used With Her Permission

Made With Love