Priscilla Pickadilla
the armadillo

Priscilla Pickadilla is my name
She would loudly proclaim,
I am an armadillo of some fame,
That is my honest claim.

I can run fast like a deer
If I want to race from here
Or swim the river like a fish
And hardly make a swish.

Now I canít really, truly fly
Like an eagle in blue sky
But I can daydream and soar
Over tall mountains and more.

If you think Iím ugly, think again
Though I have a shell for a skin
And my short snout for a nose
Is beautiful everyone knows.

Other animals just laughed at her
Passing by with hardly a stir,
Calling her frightful as can be,
The most ugly theyíll ever see.

You canít do those things theyíd say
All you do is sleep all day,
At night you eat bugs and stuff
And your shell is so very rough.

I can do anything I want she said
Though at times itís only in my head,
I can be who or what I want to be
No matter how much you tease me.

And I am beautiful she cried out loud
At the critters gathered in a crowd,
Someday youíll marvel at my fame
And want to be what Iíve became.

I am Priscilla Pickadilla the armadillo
And prettier than any gal or fellow,
So donít laugh or tease at what you see,
My beauty comes from inside me.

© Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison

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Poetry by Ken

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