I've thrown away my toys,
Even my drums and trains,
I want to make some noise,
with real live airplanes.
Some day I'm going to fly,
I'll be a pilot to,
and when I do,
how would you,
like to be my crew?

On the good ship Lollipop,
It's a sweet trip,
To a candy shop,
Where bonbons play,
On the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay.

Lemonade stands everywhere,
Cracker Jack bands fill the air,
And there you are,
Happy landings on a chocolate bar.

Eating sugar bowl,
With a Tootsie Roll,
And a big, fat jelly fruitcake.
If you eat too much...
Oh! Oh!
You'll awake,
With a tummy-ache!

On the good ship Lollipop,
It's a sweet trip,
Into bed you'll pop,
And dream away,
On the good ship Lollipop!

The song was composed by Richard A. Whiting and lyrics were supplied by Sidney Clare.

"On the Good Ship Lollipop" was the trademark song of child actress Shirley Temple. Temple first sang it in the 1934 movie Bright Eyes.

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On The Goodship Lollipop
ęShirley Temple

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