Little boys
With their face ashine
Making pathways
In the sands of time
With their fantasy world
They dream their dreams
Of distant lands
and dinosaur things

Of trucks and bikes
And little toy cars
Of trains and engines
And flying to Mars

Of worms and fishing
And bugs and things
That crawl on the ground
Making little girls scream

Of being like daddy
So big and so strong
For he is their hero
And never does wrong

So they make a path
In the dirt called a road
And move their trucks
That their little hands hold

They make loud sounds
Like a big diesel truck
Puffing with smoke
As it picks some dirt up

And then they pretend
That they put it in gear
And go down the road
With no worries or fear

To dump their big load
For a mountain to make
And where the dirt came from
They make a big lake

They fill the big hole
With a pan full of water
And pray Mom's not watching
As she sure would holler

"What are you doing
Get out of that mud
Now a bath you will get"
And that's sure no fun

They take some twigs
In the ground they stick them
Then put some across
To make a big bridge

So their dreams about finished
And the days almost done
But tomorrows another day
For little boys to have fun

Written by Judy N. Marquart
April 13, 2003
For my Dear Friend "Carolyns"
Kid's Site".
Goodluck and all my love. Judy

Thank You Judy for writing this special poem for Junebug & Friend's
We Love You!

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