Little Bear and Honey Bee Hugs

One little girl bear
Sitting home all alone
Mom and Dad went out
They left her all alone

Mommy and Daddy looking
For a swarm of honey bees
Going out to get some honey
For him, her and me

Mommy always told me
Stay away from the honey bees
Those bees will hurt you
They will bring you to your knees

But beings Mom and Dad are gone
There is nothing for me to do
I think Iíll go out side and look
Maybe I can find some honey too

Oh, look I found some honey bees
Flying here and there all around
They donít seem to be mean
They donít even bother you

The bees they were working
Flying here, flying there
When one came up and hugged me
Without any single fear

Now we are good friends
We spend time together
Every single day
I hug the bee and he hugs me

The moral of the story
Is very plain to see
If the little bear and bee
Can hug and get along

So should you and me
Give someone a hug today
 If you hug someone everyday
Youíll have great joy within

©Donna J. Kramer
Feb. 1, 2005


Used With Permission



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Jane's Country Tole






Oh Happy Day
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