Lady Bug Bear

Oh my, what a beautiful
Lady Bug Bear
But you know, there's only one
So there is no way to compare

Her name is Lady Bug and she's a bear
Always so happy just sitting around
Spending time with her friends, who're Lady Bugs
Cause they're really oh, so dear

She sits and watches them go everywhere
Lady Bugs are good for the environment
They fly and climb all over everywhere
They even get in peoples hair

Her other friends think she's a Lady Bug
For she looks like one somewhat
You can see her red and black back
With cute antenna's on her cute head
But her fur is brown red it's not

She loves just sitting around
For she's a bit lazy you see
Just sits there watching her friends
Those beautiful red and black Lady Bugs

I think I heard Lady Bug say
Don't hurt my friends
For they're really good for the environment
And they're really special friends to me

©Donna J. Kramer
Nov. 20,2004








Music: Small World

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given


Made With Love