I Feel Pretty

I feel pretty, Oh so pretty,
Do you think that I am,
I'm so witty and a kitty,
My name is Ann not Sam.

"Oh see my wonderful sweet eyes"
Look, they say I love you,
Don't you think they're my biggest prize,
Come on, you love me too.

I feel pretty, Oh so pretty,
Sitting next to flowers,
Even though they're itty bitty,
And last for only hours.

'Cause you see I'm sweet anyway,
I hope you think I'm nice,
I feel pretty, I want to stay,
Do you have any mice?

Oh I feel pretty, so pretty,
I'll run and jump for you,
And chat 'cause you see I'm chatty,
Hey, you can hear me mew.

I better get going for now,
I'll be back someday soon,
So I'll say my great big meow,
That's Byeee, my kitty tune.

©Sondra McPherson
August 4, 2004

used with permission

Thank You Sondra for sharing your poems with
Junebug & Friends






  "Hey Diddle Diddle The cat And The Fiddle"

Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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