Turned on Mom's computer
She always is online
Booted up with ice cream
We're having quite a time

I don't know why it happened
But everything went blank
She called up the technician
He said I must be frank

You need to send your hard drive
Right over for repair
We never had this happen
What flavor is in there?

She said why does it matter
He said well I don't know
I thought that I would ask you
I'm craving ice cream though

Technicians sure are funny
They keep you on the phone
They make it all confusing
You're really on your own

Oh boy I think I did it
My Mom's a little red
I just don't understand it
I have to go to bed

I'm trying hard to figure
Why Daddy's laughing so
Mom is looking redder
I'm outta here pronto.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©used with permission

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Midi "Jukebox Boogie" is used with permission
Original Musical Compositions by Geoff
Copyright © Geoff Anderson / 2002

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