Good Guys/Bad Guys

Yep,Yep, the rip roaring TV of 50`s
black and white images
were really something to see,
Guys with the black hats the bad guys
but the good guys wore white hats
Like Roy Rogers
and no blood did you see.

Sure they had guns and holsters
and sometimes you`d see smoke,
They took law and order serious
it was never a joke.

Oooh, and those often rode horses
must have come from a Texas herd,
Because they were Great Beauty Beasts
their neighing a melody when heard.

"Together" those cowboys and horses of old,
put down the law breakers
Later Called American Legends
thus the stories are told!

Author:Sherry Kersey

Roy And Trigger...Happy Trails ....

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Happy Trails
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
Written by Dale Evans

Made With Love