Gone Fishing

Ooops...Oh My! You all see me,
My Lady isn't here,
And I know I shouldn't be,
In this fish bowl, Oh Dear...

I'm just fishing, Yep! That's me!
And it's a big No No,
Look Now...I do feel guilty,
And really downright low...

But...I Sooo love those goldfish,
Just forget what you saw,
'Cause those sweet fish are my wish,
Hey Look! I'm a Southpaw...

I fish with my left paw, Seee...
I swish the water great,
Then those goldies come to me,
Yeahhh...Make a tasty plate!

Nice talkin' to you all, Hear?
And these little pretties,
I sayyy... Are sooo near and dear,
But! Witty like kitties!

©Sondra McPherson
August 4, 2004

used with permission

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Performed by
Margi Harrell
Used With Her Permission

Made With Love