Choo Choo....

I`m a little choo choo- uh huh,yup,yup,you bet I can,
go anywhere-do anything-be anybody-if I just pray and plan....
I`m a little choo choo,with coal steam and warning whistle,
I travel over country hills and across plains,
I toot for folks safety while chugging across Texas thistle....

I`m the little choo choo, of small children's dreams,
yup,yup,you can-I can-we all can,
is rotating wheel song theme....

I`m the little choo choo,who when grown,
will be a silver streamlined carrier for dreams planned,
my clack of wheels sound replaced by silken sound song still whispering,

I Can! I Can! I Can!

Author: Sherry Kersey

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~Midi Playing~
"I've Been Working On The Railroad"
Rose McKinley's Music Pages
Used With Permission

Artwork~Currier & Ives ~1860 era
Train animations courtesy of ~
Lane's train page



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