Buzzel And The Honey Bee Nest

There was a little bee
That was born in a honeybee nest
He was the smallest bee
That lived in this big old nest

They named him Buzzel
For when he would try to buzz
He would always make this strange sound
Buzzel, buzzel, buzzel

None of the other bees would play
With poor little Buzzel
Because he was so small
And made such a funny sound

But as he grew older
One-day danger came along
And Buzzel was the only bee
Who could make the danger sound

He saved all his family
And even the Queen bee
Now Buzzel is know longer sad and lonely
For the other bees finally found out

It's not how big you are
That makes you the best
For now they have finally come to realize
He was the smartest, sweetest and bravest bee

In their Whole Honey Bee Nest

Donna J. Kramer
June, 2003

used with permission




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