Let's Go Play With Bubbles

Oh, let's go play with bubbles,
There they go.. One, Two, Three, Wee....
Can you blow some bubbles?
Just like my friend and me !

He blew some bubbles,
Now I have to show him I can too..
There goes lots of bubbles....
Wee... see what I blew for you...

Now let's have a lot of fun with bubbles,
Bubbles going in the air...
So Grandma, can you buy a lot of bubbles?
So my friend and I can share....

We love playing together,
Blowing a lot of bubbles in the air..
Grandma you can do this too..
They just blow right past your hair..

©Written with Lots of Love
By Junebug April 13, 2003



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Midi "Chasing the Wave" is used with permission
Original Musical Compositions by Geoff
Copyright © Geoff Anderson / 2002

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