A ball is round to roll,
Not half round as a bowl,
Itís bound to roll around
When you throw it down.

Some balls you just kick
Others are hit with a stick
But most balls you throw,
Really fast or only slow.

Balls are built to bounce
And may weigh an ounce,
Others can be giant balls
And may not bounce at all.

It can be any color at all
After all itís just a ball,
It may be red, white or blue,
Pick a color that pleases you.

Special balls have names
And are used in games,
Some are made for sports
Of many odd sorts.

After all is said and done
A ball is mostly for fun
But canít have fun by itself
So play with one yourself.

Bounce one or toss it
Catch it with a mitt,
Kick a ball or give it a hit
Just have fun, donít forget.

© Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison

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