Baby Kittys

Cute baby kittys anxious to play,
Peek through the fence and green vines,
Mama Kitty’s so proud we can see,
All have spots and perfect lines.

White ones and grey with black Oh so cute,
One so fuzzy's hopping by,
Nosing ‘round to see what's new and grand,
Jumps like a bunny so high.

Playing and running’s their fun right now,
Then Papa Kitty tromps through,
Watching all play he protects his own,
Stands guard like a lion too.

Crunching kitty pebbles makes them full,
They all snuggle close for naps,
Kittys sleep hours it seems like all day,
Wake up hearing crackling snaps.

Stretching around and rolling over,
Mama Kitty loves and bathes,
Kittys hunt for their warm milk to drink,
It's sweet and a kitty craves.

Precious baby kittys well cared for,
And like you loved by parents,
Nothing's sweeter than babies of kinds,
They are all God’s blessed presents.

©Sondra McPherson
September 24, 2003

used with permission


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The painting used to create this set is by Stewart Sherman.

Java script provided by  Dynamic Drive.

Midi "Kitty" is used with permission
Original Musical Compositions by Geoff
Copyright © Geoff Anderson / 2002

Made With Love