Hi there how ya doin?
I think we met before
Love you like sweet apples
Right down to the core

Mamma took this picture
Boy I sure look great
Eyes are all upon me
Wagon ride was great

So glad that I'm featured
Upon this lovely page
I am thoroughly delighted
Although at minimum wage!

I'm sunshine in the morning
Treasure by the pound
Always bring you happiness
Whenever I'm around

Eyes are on the apple
What fun this is for me
Come around here anytime
Greatest place to be

Well, I gotta go now
This has been great fun
Apples ripe for picking
Just got a bushel done.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Šused with permission, Aug 22, 2002


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Midi "Playtime" is used with permission
Original Musical Compositions by Geoff
Copyright Š Geoff Anderson / 2002

Made With Love