An Adorable Lady

Why Hello to you all out there,
I'm Ms. Matilda O'Grady,
And so pleased you came to see,
Me, an adorable Lady.

My, aren't these mums most glorious,
And lovely and so perfect too,
They really do make me feel grand,
I hope you love them as I do.

I've been sitting upon this bench,
Quite comfortable, Yes I must say,
An adorable Lady needs,
To be cozy and warm each day.

Oh I know I'm a fancy cat,
Rather, I'm a Lady kitty,
I'm really sweet and cuddly too,
And I do love to look pretty.

My hair is brushed each day so much,
Speaking of my being cuddly,
Did you ever meet my boyfriend,
Oh, what do you know, here's Dudley!

I must go, I'll see you later,
I don't like to keep him waiting,
He thinks I'm adorable too,
Yes, I'm the Lady he's dating.

©Sondra McPherson
August 13, 2004

used with permission

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