A Friend Like No Other

Born to the world white in color,
Spots develop like no other,
Four legs to stand on, not two,
Lots of teeth in which to chew.

Growing up tall and strong,
Ready to help, bring it on!
Loyal to man and those in need,
Fire is not new to my breed.

Riding high at my Master's side,
Sirens blaring as I guide,
Helping humans to safety, I do,
Fire Dog Sparky is here for you.

Here I come with my big red hat,
No other dog can quite top that,
Fire Dog Sparky will save the day,
Remember... Fire is not for play!

ŠElizabeth E. McPherson
July 28, 2004

Used With Permission

Thank You So Much For Sharing Your Poems

Sparky Is My Name....I Live At The Firehouse........

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Performed by
Margi Harrell
Used With Her Permission

Made With Love