Why God Made Little Boys

When God made the world with its mountains and seas,
Its rivers and valleys, and flowers and trees
He paused for a while after doing so much,
and thoughtfully added one last loving touch

He made little boys
with their warm, cheerful ways
to add special pleasure and joy to the days
He made their hearts happy with laughter and fun
to brighten the world like the light of the sun,

He made each one thoughtful and trusting and giving,
Gentle and kind with a great love of giving,

And when he'd completed the task He'd begun
He took special pride in the job that He'd done,
For He knew that on earth there would always be joy
In the heart and the smile of dear little boys.

Author Known To God

Snips And Snails And Puppy Dog Tails,That What Little Boys Are Made Of ....

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Midi "Meadow-of-Dreams" is used with permission
Original Musical Compositions by Geoff
Copyright Geoff Anderson / 2002

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