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To feel a baby move with-in
...the touch of a babies newborn skin.

Baby bath and baby lotion me is just some kind of love potion.

Soft fine hair that smells so good
...oh the joys of motherhood.

Rocking chairs and lullabies
...sweet little face as you look into my eyes.

Blankies and and games
...and lets not forget all those cute baby names.

To love a baby is so easy to do
...once you have one you'll see that it's true.

Can't imagine life without mine
...God's greatest gift and it is so divine.

So when you have a baby of your own
...give thanks to God above and love it till it's grown.

written for my friend Carolyn with Junebug & friends
September 4, 2003 Love, Trisha F.Maxwell

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There Is Nothing More Precious Than A Child To Love....


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Rock A Bye
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Her Permission

Made With Love