My Teddy Bear

I have a little teddy bear
who sleeps with me each night,
He lays there close beside me
and snuggles real tight.

We say our prayers together
and we ask the Lord above,
To keep our family happy
and keep safe the one's we love.

He has brown fur and big brown eyes,
a smile upon his face,
And when I wake up every day
we share a big embrace.

No one can hear him when he talks
though he speaks to me each day,
He tells me things he likes to do
and games he likes to play.

We always have a lot of fun
he never leaves my side,
Except when we play hide n seek
or when I play outside.

He really is my very best friend,
he fills my heart with joy,
I truly love my Teddy Bear
even though he's just a toy..

2006 by Tia Marie

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used with permission


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