Now I lay me down to sleep
Please Jesus my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
Please Lord this soul do take

Bless my family one and all
Bless my toys right down the hall
Bless my doggie Sam's his name
Keep him warm in his house I made

Bless my friends big and small
Some are mean but I love them all
Bless my bed for momma made
This quilt with love for me to have

Please keep me safe
All through the night
And I pray I wake
With the morning light

But if I don't I'll be with you
In heav'n above and Gods there too
We'll play all day amongst the clouds
Watch ov'r my family down below

But let them know I love them all
And I'll wait for them
On heavens shore


ps I love you Jesus!

Written by Judy N. Marquart
November 25, 2003


Copyrighted 2003/2008

"Childrens Medley"

Made With Love