That Most Precious Night

Many years ago,
in the stillness of the night
A little baby was born,
under a star that shone so bright.

There was no room
for Mary and Joseph in the Inn
So a manger in a stable
His little life was to begin.

The Lord had picked a virgin,
to be His earthly mother here
And a kindly natured father,
one also to be near.

They raised this child with love,
tending to His every need
But the heavenly Father above
brought this little one to lead.

This son they had named Jesus
grew up to be a man
Teaching all the many people
He met along the land.

He was the greatest teacher
this earth has ever seen
Many came from far away lands
on His promises they did lean.

His earthly mother and father
adored His very sight
And thanked the Lord in Heaven
for that most precious night.


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Used with permission

Thank You So Much Andrea,
For Sharing This Wonderful Poem





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