you thought the Ole Easter Bunny
did nothing but deliver goodies
and was always a`having fun,
But he plans ahead just like you and me
planting body beauties in the work days sun.

Yeppers, He hoes the weeds daily from his carrot patch
and keeps the soil soft and damp,
He knows what makes little girls and boys healthy
why I even "I heard him muttering one bright day"
Lord, make these carrots bright and plump
you know how I love my little human scamps.

Then he put his hoe aside
and wiped the hot sweat from his brow,
Saying to himself
"if folks only knew of carrots importance"
Why, they have more nutrition than
even the ole cow.

Then he took his tools to the shed
and wiped away all earth`s dirt residue,
Looked up at the gathering clouds and said:
Thanks Lord, I could sure use a bit more help
I fear, than just a touch of mornings dew.

Author:Sherry Kersey

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Thank You so much Sparky
For the special graphics that you
made with alot of love for Junebug & Friends

Bunny Melody

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