Soldier Boy

Soldier boy
Oh, my little soldier boy
I'll be true to you

You were my first love
And you'll be my last love
I will never make you blue
I'll be true to you

In the whole world
You can love but one girl
Let me be that one girl
For I'll be true to you

Wherever you go
My heart will follow
I love you so
I'll be true to you

Take my love with you
To any port or foreign shore
Darling, you must feel for sure
I'll be true to you

Soldier boy
Oh, my little soldier boy
I'll be true to you

"Soldier Boy" written by Luther Dixon and Florence Green.

The song was released as a single by The Shirelles (C)1962
and met with great success, topping the US Billboard Hot 100.
The song's lyrics are a profession of the singer's love
for the titular soldier boy in which she promises to remain true to him while he's away.

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This picture is my hubby Robert LeQuieu before we met.
It was taken South China Sea in 1961, going to Subic Bay in the Philippines from Okinawa.
3 months floating battalion with 1st Battalion 9th Marines 3rd Marines Division.
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