(Sixteen Reasons) Why I love you

1...The way you hold my hand
2...Your laughing eyes
3...The way you understand
4...Your secret sighs

They're all part of sixteen reasons why I love you

5...The way you comb your hair
6...Your freckled nose
7...The way you say you care
8...Your crazy clothes

That's just half of sixteen reasons why I love you

9...Snuggling in the car
10...Your wish upon a star
11...Whispering on the phone
12...Your kiss when we're alone
13...The way you thrill my heart
14...Your voice so neat
15...You say we'll never part
16...Our loves complete

Those are all of sixteen reasons why I love you

(Sixteen Reasons) Why I love you

Connie Stevens 1960

"Sixteen Reasons (Why I Love You) written by Bill and Doree Post.
Connie Stevens single Sixteen Reasons 1959 released.




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