Fabulous Fifties

Come take a trip with me down memory lane,
To a time for some of us it is hard to try to explain.
The fabulous fifties after school going to the sock hop,
All of us teenagers there trying to learn to do “The Bop”.

Heading down to the soda shop when we were done,
A loud, friendly place where we always had lots of fun.
Cherry and chocolate cokes were the order of the day,
French fries with ketchup or gravy if we decided to stay.

Jukeboxes with all kinds of records for us to listen to,
It was the year, nineteen hundred and fifty six where were you.
Penny loafers, poodle skirts and blouses with a scarf to match,
A guy with his own car and a T-Bird black jacket the perfect catch.

Down to Bob’s Big Boy for a hamburger on Friday night,
You might even find a parking spot if you timed it just right.
Other nights we would all pitch in so we could go for a cruise,
Gasoline was twenty-five cents a gallon we had nothing to loose.

Searching through our sofas at home might sound strange,
But somehow we always came up with the right amount of change.
Saturday just waiting for dollar night at the local movie drive-in,
Hiding three friends in the trunk of the car so we could all get in.

Those were such wonderful years we all lived in then,
I wish there was someway we could return again.
Fond memories for some of us from such a long time ago,
Carefree times we enjoyed that our kids will never know.

© Brenda Sparkman
February 2005

Used with permission

Please visit her wonderful site.

Sassy 4 Daze
Thank You So Much Brenda,
For Sharing Your Poems


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