Christmas Together

(That's why we're all together)
(That's why there's Christmas Day)

Christmas together in our family
Hasn't changed a all
We even start lookin' forward to it
Way back in the Fall

'Cause if'n the good Lord's a-willin'
I don't care how bad the weather
Christmas is the one time o' year
We all spend together

Now Ma starts a-bakin'
I set out to find a tree
It seem's like that's the one job
That's always left to me

Then, when they all start arrivin'
You can just feel the spirit mount
Ev'ry year there's a few more grand-young'uns
Heh-heh, I give up tryin' to count

Christmas Eve, after supper
We all help trim the tree
Then all the kiddies gather 'round
There's a couple on my knee

And Grandma smiles from her rockin' chair
She knows I'm in my glory
Then ev'ryone wants to hear
My fav'rite Christmas story

How angels sang of a Christ child
The news spread near and far
The three wise men who came to see
Were guided by a star

They found him there in a manger
Asleep on a bed of hay
That's why we're all together
That's why there's a Christmas Day

By this time their little heads would start to nod
And off to bed they'd go
Hopin' Santa wouldn't have no trouble
A-gettin' through the snow

An' then they'd have us up at the crack o' dawn
We'd gather 'round the tree, heh-heh
Yeah, I'd get the usual pair o' socks
That Grandma knits for me

No, Christmas in our family
Hasn't changed a all
When we sit down to dinner
We offer thanks for all

'Cause if the good Lord's willin'
I don't care how bad the weather
Christmas Day's the one time o' the year
We always spend together

Walter Brennan - 1962

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