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Kathie M Kauffman
I love this sight. It gave me the warm fuzzy feeling of being asked to "go steady" Those were the good years
10 April 2011 - Harrison City, PA
Bill Smith
First heard "young love" in a drug store in Key West, Fla. in 57 have loved it since. I was in love at the time to a beautifil girl in Miami,fla. I married her when I got discharged 2 years latter
9 April 2011 - Kew West , Fla
This site was inspiring & so enjoyable. Thank you for bringing back good memories through good music!
9 April 2011 - New Jersey
darl holmes
this is the greatest web site!!!!!
9 April 2011 - TOPEKA ,KANSAS
Claude Miranda
I was a disk jockey during the time that this MUSIC was popular. It brings back a lot of wonderful memories and reminds me what GOOD MUSIC we had then. "Thanks for the memoriess"( credit that quote to Bob Hope.
9 April 2011 - Tampa Fl
Just listened to Angel Baby. OMGosh, brought back such good memories. Just love all of these old songs. Thank you so much.
9 April 2011 - North Carolina
Linda Bell
The songs just made me cry but in a good way. Good memories of my beloved who has left this world to be with our God.
9 April 2011 - Ca .
9 April 2011
Bobby Calvert
51 years ago today, I remember all of us looking up through the car window from the Chatham County Hospital parking lot to see mom peering down at us while cradling our baby brother, Wayne in her arms. Dad, Jerron, Jan and I welcomed you into the family from afar that day. We love you from afar today. Happy Birthday, Wayne.
9 April 2011 - Deltona, Fl.

Webmaster comments   Happy Birthday Wayne! Wishing you a great day!
What lovelly memories you brought me with this page. I'm now 66, but listening to these songs, revives my wonderful teens-days.God Bless your kindness.
9 April 2011 - Zabbar (MALTA)
I can't thank you enough for the great memories and Music of out times,It truly takes me back to the good old days when life was so simple.
Thank you again for the work you have put in to this site. I have it bookmarked now. I will be back!
9 April 2011 - USA
Richrd Alvis Jr
Lewis, Thanks for sharing this web page it is Awesome.
9 April 2011 - Appomattox, Virginia
Tom Jones
I can't tell you who much I love your
work.I readed it over and over. you are so good, thank YOU!!!!
8 April 2011 - AUBURN WA
Blair Cheney
Thanks for the trip down memory lane, some of the greatest music ever.
8 April 2011 - Boise, Idaho
Mike Farrell
Thank YOU, I just lost my wife of 46 yrs & 7 months, this music is so very heplful, all of them where our songs.
8 April 2011

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