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18 April 2011 - ENGLAND
Carol Kenney
Friend sent to us. Love the 50's and the gospels are wonderful and special.
18 April 2011 - Maryland
Donald Ray Watts
I can never get tired of listening to these songs: they bring back so many memories.......
18 April 2011 - Goldsboro, NC
Mrs Coral Duncombe
My god woman u are so talented, i love ur work, matter of fact im wearing an Elvis shirt today at work, i love Elvis to death and you should pat yourself on the back Carolyn thank you very very much from the bottom of my heart, keep up the good work.You bring wonderful and happy tears to my eyes. thanks. Coral xoxxoxoxo
17 April 2011 - Australia

Webmaster comments   The credit for Elvis Images goes to the designer on each page. Their name and email addy is there so you can write to them. I know they would love to hear from you !
Thanks so much!
Glen Kirkwood
Love your approach to living. The quiet
and peace and love is what the world
17 April 2011 - Seattle Wa
We were married(Ruth) in 1955.I was in
Germany,she came that year.Just a great
memory of a by-gone era.Music to dance
to,i must say......
17 April 2011 - Burlington,Vermont
Sue LaRu
Thanks.... it takes me back a bit
17 April 2011 - San Antonio, TX
Dawn Gray
Lovely memories, Thank you Caroline
17 April 2011 - Scotland, UK
Rick and Connie
Beautiful memories and still hold special feelings in our hearts. The music will never die the best can't be replaced.
17 April 2011 - Mason, Ohio
William Taylor
Thank you for the amazingly wonderful trip down memory lane. It is people like you that make life so special.
17 April 2011 - Gloucester, Ma.
Wayne Palmer
Brings tears to my eyes rembering these old songs ,The Great Songs.
17 April 2011 - McKinleyville Ca

Webmaster comments   Hi,
My oldest brother and family lives in McKinleyville.
He was postmaster for many years in Arcata.
Thank you for signing the book.
Leonard Brokowsky
This is probably the best I have ever seen and heard. What memories. Th song brought tears to my eyes. We unfortunatly do not hear these songs on the radio like we used to. As Bob Hope would always say "Thanks For the Memories"
16 April 2011 - East Windsor, New Jersey
Jim Berrier
Great to look at and listen on a Saturday night. The good old days. Miss them.
16 April 2011 - Rockhill Furnace, Pa
Robyn Farrar
My heart still aches at the loss of this beautiful, caring man who had a very unique voice. When he sang Bridge Over Troubled Waters during his last show, tears welled in my eyes for one could hear that he was giving all he had to each and everyone who wanted to listen. We do miss Elvis but at least we have his music to ease the pain, now and always.
16 April 2011 - Australia
Donna Gray-Davis
What FUN! Quelle surprise!
16 April 2011 - PNW, US

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