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Glyn |
Beautiful Christmas pages Carolyn and loved the stories. Christmas Gift For Mommy was very moving and loved the song.

9 December 2003 - England (UK)
Dee |
Tied With A Ribbon Of Love" -- A most poignant "Gift For Mommy Poem" -- and none other than "Elvis" to bring the joyful and sad tears to my weary eyes this day dear Carolyn...truly beautifully designed...a special blessing for me today.
9 December 2003 - PA
Dee |
Dear Carolyn..."Our King Is Born" authored by "Dotson"...a most beautiful Nativity Poem...the graphic design and music is truly a blessing for this most Blessed Holiday always...true perfection from your loving heart.
9 December 2003 - PA
Kathy |
Came over to add another prayer request. Everything is just so beautiful here.
7 December 2003 - I've been asking that too! :-)
hi just found your site thru anothere site , love yours too
7 December 2003 - Florida
Robert F. Dotson (Brother Bob) |
Dear Sister Carolyn,
You did a wonderful job! God has given you a very special talent! I am honored to have "Oh, How I Love The Old Songs" posted on your site! We make a great team! I am looking forward to working with you again in the future! GOD IS GOOD AND HIS MERCY ENDURETH FOREVER!


3 December 2003 - Ohio
Dee |

Carolyn...It's the most wonderful time of the beautiful to hear one of my favorite songs as I visit today...Blessings to you...Sincerely, Dee
2 December 2003 - PA
Annette (Annie) Bromley |
Hi and blessing on this Thanksgiving Day 2003...What a beautiful prayer. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. I hope your day has been one filled with blessings from above. Love your site. I'll pop in again soon. Love and all good wishes, Annie
27 November 2003 - Vermont
Shirley |
Dear Carolyn,
Thank you so much for your visit to my Website, and for your loving words in my Guestbook. I,too, am honoured to be your friend, and I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving Day, tomorrow.
Take Care, Carolyn, and Much Love, from Shirley. xxx
26 November 2003 - Derbyshire, England.
A Beautiful Thanksgiving Page My Friend...Thanks, And I Want To Wish You And Family, A Very Happy Thanksgiving...My Prayers To The Ones Who I Hope Have God's Blessing, And A Hearty Meal To Feast On This Day..May God Bless Everyone..
26 November 2003 - Arkansas
Dee |
I sure hope you foot heals quickly dear Carolyn...I was just at your Thanksgiving page last night..I wrote this sentence down "Thank you Father for life's simple things...Like peace and hope that Jesus
brings..." My prayers are extended for Frank, as well...blessings to you...Dee

25 November 2003 - PA
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,
Sorry you are feeling bad but you do as your Dr. orders and get better faster...thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving prayer as it is a good one.God bless you as you have blessed me with your friendship.Wishing you well my friend.

25 November 2003 - Clear across the Country ! ((( Big Hug To Ya )))
Robert F. Dotson (Brother Bob) |
Sister Carolyn,
I love your Thanksgiving prayer! When I am thankful for all God's given me this year, I can add your friendship to the list! Thanks for all you've done for me! GOD IS GOOD AND HIS MERCY ENDURETH FOREVER!
25 November 2003 - Ohio
Kentucky_Lady4 |
Carolyn, I simply love the way you have all done, but love all you do on here.. Sending inspiring messages out to all. It is always a joy to visit, and leave with a refreshed feeling of love and warmth!! Did visit the page with JD Sumner & The Stamps, and listened to beautiful music. ( I was also an Elvis fan, and feel he is now singing for our Lord.) Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love and laughter! Love you my sister in Christ - and God bless you, and yours, always!!!
24 November 2003 - KY, USA
Dee |

Dear Carolyn (Just love your new home and guestbook)...Stopping by to visit before the week gets hectic...We are blessed with beautiful weather today as I went food shopping...Blessings for a most joyful Thanksgiving dear one...Sincerely, Dee
24 November 2003 - PA

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