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Julie Morewood
thank you so much for this very Nice website, i have just had it SENT to me from a friend in the us. thanks i will be back.
16 July 2004 - Sheffield Elgland
Olga Norris
Am so glad someone sent me your Presious Memories.. It is so Beautiful and true.. Brings back so many happy and sorrowful memories.. It is great to relive them again in the poem.. Thanks
15 July 2004 - Enfield, CT U.S.A.
southbreeze |
Dearest Carolyn..
I always love to visit your site. It gives such a peaceful and spiritual feeling. I love your 1949 page. It is precious!
Thank you for sharing your God given talents with others such as me. I shall be back again soon to see what wonderful new things you have done as I feel blessed by having been here.
God Bless

15 July 2004 - Georgia, USA
Angel |
Woooohooo I love your home its absolutely wonderful I would like to extend to you an invitation to join us at Heavens Angels. I know you would love it there. You can click on the card below and it will take you there I hope that we see you soon~

14 July 2004 - PA
Heleca |

Hello hello!
New updat on my Free Graphic page. Welcome home to me in Sweden.
Kiss and huge from Heleca

12 July 2004 - Sweden
John |
Hi Carolyn, had to visit your newest pages again as they are terrific. Love Class of 1949 as I am really in to nostalia things and I KNOW which one is you.
Thanks for being that true friend I can depend on when I need one and your help with the Patsy Cline site. I am determined to get it off the ground and I have the patience to do it lol.
Wonderful pages Carolyn!
God Bless and hugs,

Visit ~~Love Always, Patsy~~ for songs, photos, info and MORE!

12 July 2004 - Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
Trisha |
Dear Carolyn,
I loved all your new pages ! That Elvis Background with one of my favorite shade of colors is a real nice gift too ! ..and I also want to thank you for the link. I enjoyed my visit as always and all your new pages ! Love and Hugs, Trisha
10 July 2004 - Waynesboro VA.
Melva |
Hi Carolyn,
What some wonderful pages!! Thank you for sharing them, and the poem Gayle wrote is a great tribute, to an era long ago..What a talent she has!!And looking at the photo sure brought back memories!!
And she also did an outstanding job on "This Old House"!! I love poems and stories about "old houses" if they could talk, they could tell lots of stories!! And you chose a beautiful page for it...
Wonderful!!!Thanks for sharing!!!
Love Ya...

10 July 2004
Dee |

"Class of 1949" -- toooo cute for words, and I sure can relate to it...just looked at my class picture yesterday...such fond memories dear precious of you to share this...Thank you...and thank you for being part of my Links page...I set up two versions...not quite done...they both can be accessed on Only Links...Love, Dee
10 July 2004 - Philadelphia
Larry Peart |
10 July 2004 - Boaz Alabama
CARYLON, YOUR WEB SITbr>I like the direction Carolyn's Precious Memories is taking. Thank you for the beautiful write up on my site, you are always full of surprizes Carolyn.
God Bless and Hugs,

9 July 2004 - Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
Carolyn, Ive been browsing thru your two pages sent today, about JDSumner and Donnie...They sure knew how to sing Gospel...I remember watching JD on VTN here in my state, and often wondered how he ever hit those low notes..I watch it every Sat. morning, with a lot of wonderful groups of Gospel singers performing...I have so much more to look at from your site...You have a great one, and I enjoy the testimonies, the music, and graphics... Thanks for sharing your pages...God Bless
17 November 2003 - Arkansas
John |
Hi Carolyn, just swinging by to wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with love and blessings.
And a big Thank You for all the help and time you have given me.
Hugs, John

13 December 2003 - Waynesboro, Virginia
13 December 2003 - US
Once again, a most beautiful website. A Soldier's Christmas brought tears to my eyes along with a special pride for all our wonderful troops.

God Bless

11 December 2003

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