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Chris |
Lovely website, nice poetry
9 August 2004 - Norfolk, England.
I have just seen your site for the first time. I think it is beautiful. God Bless
8 August 2004 - N.C.
John |
Hi Carolyn and a very happy weekend to you. I wanted to visit your wonderful site some and also thank you for your gift of PSP8 and taking the time to teach me some things.
Was really cool here this morning. I wore a sweater to work lol.
Thanks again and keep your beautiful pages coming.
God Bless,

6 August 2004 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Sharon/AngelHeart |
So much in common..Carolyn, I was reading your Momma's lovely page and you know what?
My mothers favorite color was red also, she always wore a red coat and had to always have her nails painted red, even as a child my mother wore red, and seeing that pix reminded me of me and my Momma, my fathers birthday is May 20th and my Mothers May 10th and my son's May 18th, May is a good month, Loved your class pix page too with the beautiful set from talented Sandy.....Wanted to just stop in touch base and say "hello" Have a blessed weekend and I always enjoy my visit to your beautiful home...
6 August 2004 - Virginia
I love this site and so many others out there need to read and hear about our Savior.
5 August 2004 - Laurens, SC
Samantha |
Dear Carolyn,
I have received such a Blessing from visiting your website. It is truly beautiful and filled with Inspiration.
Love and Many Blessings to you and yours,
5 August 2004 - NC
Joseph Iskandar |
Dear Carolyn,
Every time I visit your website, I find something new.
May the Lord give you the strength to go on with your mission.
With all the heavenly blessings
5 August 2004 - Northridge, CA
Joseph |
Greetings from Iowa!
4 August 2004 - Iowa!
Abikee |
Hi there Carolyn, I really enjoyed visiting and looking at your precious site with all the pretty graphics. You did a wonderful job! If you like, please come and check my site out when you can. Take care and Aloha! ~Abikee~
4 August 2004 - Kailua-Kona, Hawaii USA
Heleca |

Dear friend!
Here I come rush to yuour lovely homepage again.
Always nice to be here.I whould like to whish you
I nice week,Alot of huges from Heleca

2 August 2004 - Sweden
Amanda Shippee
Your site is pretty
2 August 2004 - Gloversville
Trisha |

I'm thinking of you Carolyn and I thank you for signing up on my new mailing list for Trisha's Heaven And Earth ..your one of my favorites and I love ya too !
1 August 2004 - VA.
Your Elvis (yesteryears memories) page is awesome. thanks for sharing this.
29 July 2004 - Tennessee
Joyce |
I just had to take time to sign your guestbook, because I think you have one of the best sites that I have ever seen, in every respect. Your testimony was a real blessing to me. You have so much to see on your site that there is no way that I can view it all at one sitting, so have bookmarked it and I will return.
Keep up the wonderful work for the Lord. I know that you are a blessing to many.
Love in Christ,
27 July 2004
Glyn |
Always a joy and blessing to visit your site. Love your new pages :)
For You
27 July 2004 - England (UK)

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