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Pam Hooker
Thank you so much for this, my best birthday presant.It is wonderfull. Xx
2 May 2011 - Spain

Webmaster comments   Happy Birthday!!!
Tim Bannister
Thanks for printing out the lyrics to these classics. You know how there are various old songs you sing where you kind of skip over the lyrics, since you can't understand them? I finally picked up the missing words to one of my all-time fave's: "Could This Be Magic?"
1 May 2011 - Detroit, Michigan
Abigail |
I am so glad to see that your site is running again! I was worried that you had quit doing this and I wouldn't get to visit your site anymore. Thank-you so much for creating this wonderful site. I just love the music. Keep up the good work.
1 May 2011 - Canada
Love your site.....Thanks for all the work that went into it.
1 May 2011 - Panama City, Fl.
Carolyn, thank you for this absolutely breathtaking and inspirational website. You are a special angel!
1 May 2011 - Oklahoma
Thank you so much for all the work you put into this website!
30 April 2011
Edna |
Hello Carolyn
Your site is fantastic. I love it. I took my time and listened to the beautiful songs. They brought back a lot of memories. Thank you!
Best wishes
30 April 2011 - Israel
Henry Ting
This is the first time i hear this song. i fell in love with it the first time. I am a Elvis fan since my early high school days in the 50's.
30 April 2011 - Cliffside Park, NJ
John Mears
Never will be forgotten.
A huge influence on many young lives.
30 April 2011 - Hampshire England
paul and merryl-ann
What a fantastic site we have already passed it on here in South Africa
30 April 2011 - South Africa
Rosemarie Brnelic
Those were the days when music was beautiful and will be for me till the day I die!
30 April 2011 - Durban rep of South Africa
thank you so much for this it is the best email i ever had am on it all the time
29 April 2011 - UK
Elaine Stamate
Sure enjoy your site! Listen to it while opening my "E" mail. Thanks so much.
28 April 2011 - Hermiston Or. USA
Carolyn, did you attend grade school in Pennsylvania?
27 April 2011

Webmaster comments   No born and raised in California!
I just had a trip into memory lane. Had to stop and sit here and just listen to them. Thanks.
27 April 2011 - Cape Coral, Florida

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