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Joanna |
It is such a lovely site . I can not say it in good English words but I love it here . Thanks for all the wonderfull poems and everything that I saw .

Greetings from Holland

13 September 2004 - The Netherlands
Gayle |
Hello my sweet friend, You did a good job with my corn cob war. Oh the memories it does bring back. Fun times of youth sadly surrendered to the aging process. Bet I could still hurl 'em. Thank you for using my work. You always do a great job. Love your site it is so peaceful and always leave with a blessing. God love you my friend.
12 September 2004 - USA
Heather Lynnea
You have the most beautiful website Mom. I love you so much. You are the best Mom and I wanted to tell you that!!!
11 September 2004 - Chowchilla Calif.
Carolyn, Thanks for having the greatest gospel music on the net...Ive been listening to several songs/hymns, and its hard to break away...They're all so beautiful...Nice to see you back on line with your site...Hugs...God Bless..
11 September 2004 - Arkansas
Shirley Adams
I accidently hit the unsubscribe line, thinking it was the link to your site. Please keep sending my emails. I only subscribed today. Sorry for the mistake. I found your site through Texas Bob's World and I love it!
10 September 2004 - Unite States of America
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Dearest Carolyn..
I just read "When Life was Simple" and the words rang in my ears as I have felt and wanted that very thing, Good safe times where people and neighbors cared and familes had big huge reunions, safety all around, the good ole days all gone, but in our hearts and minds my friend...Beautiful page and thank you for visiting Ali's lil page I did for her. I so appreciate it Carolyn..and as I sign I always love listening to the GREATEST SONG ever made"How Great Thou Are" Blessings to you my friend always!
Love you!
10 September 2004 - Virginia
Tammie |
Hi, I was just stopping wanted and wanted to say hi. You have a lovely webpage.

9 September 2004 - Buhl, Idaho
6 September 2004 - TG
Dee |
I truly enjoyed my visit dear Carolyn...just loved "Roadside Flowers" composed by Ann Hart...I visited that particular page quite a few times always...your graphics and presentation is always so inviting...thank you for your kind words and are a blessing...!!

6 September 2004 - Philadelphia
Allan Svensson |
I visited your beautiful Website, and I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ. Welcome to visit my Site.
30 August 2004 - Sweden
Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Carolyn, A day of blessings here, and I have truly enjoyed each page I read!! Lovely graphics, music, but most of all the writings and poems are awesome. I just finished the 'Honeymoon Cottage', and it is so very touching!! You have a beautiful site, and as always, I will be back again!! God bless you, my sister in Christ!!
30 August 2004 - KY, USA
Raeann (Quint's Mom)!
Thanks for the lovely page on "Q-Man". I will send new pictures for you soon. We have a family picture with all my kids. Oh how they have grown! Quint is so happy to back in Colo. He missed his brothers and sister. He's very excited about becoming an uncle! His niece, Kaelin (named after Amber Linn), will be here mid December. It seems like yesterday when we had happy, happy family days at your home. We miss those days and you all. May God Bless you and Leon. Thank You for everything. LOL Raeann, LaRae, Rory, and of course, Quint!
29 August 2004 - Pueblo, CO
Heleca |

22 August 2004 - Sweden
Melba McVay Christie |
Hello Carolyn,
You have a beautiful website. I love your greeting and the country gospel music pulls on my heart strings. I am a country girl born in Louisiana and raised in Mississippi.
God has blessed you with an artistic talent I pray one day to have.
21 August 2004 - Emerson, Arkansas
Rhonda |
Dear Carolyn,
I have been visiting your sites and what a blessing it has been. Your sitea are wonderful and of course you know I love the beautiful music. You have done a great job and keep those pages coming my way. Love and Hugs, Rhonda
20 August 2004 - South Carolina

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