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Joy |
You've created a beautiful home on the net, filled with love and caring.

Each and every room makes me so glad I visited.

Keep Shining my friend.

God Bless
16 September 2004 - New Jersey USA
Dr. Gerald Walden |
Dear Carolyn:
Beyound all shadows of doubt: I can truthfully say, that this is one of the most beautiful web sites I have ever visited. The songs, music and poems are beyound my words to describe.
I found your web site by accident.
Marilyn Ferguson, listed 73 sites that one or more of her poems could be found. As I scrolled down the list "Carolyn's Precious Memories" caught my attention and I clicked.
Thanks for a very uplifting and inspiring visit. I promised I will be back many times to come.
Most Sincerely and Respectively Yours,
Dr. Walden

15 September 2004 - God Bless America
Thanks Carolyn, for three very nice pages..*The Glory Train--*You Are My Hiding Place*--and of course, your great recipe page...
Your graphics are sooo pretty, and the music is equally beautiful...Hugs..God Bless..
15 September 2004 - Arkansas
Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Carolyn, I came by to visit some more lovely pages, hear some great gospel music, and relax some. You have a wonderful site, and also today read the fun pages, and checked out some recipes.. Wow, you sure have a lot here, and I will be back again.. as always, my dear friend!! God bless!!
15 September 2004 - KY, USA
Lori |
WHat a wonderful uplifting site you have. I have enjoyed my visit much. Please stop by our page it would be an honor if you could join us.
Earth Angels
15 September 2004 - Fl
Judy |
Good morning my dear friend. Yep I am here before going to work to take some of the beauty and songs from your site with me today so if they hear me humming up there that is where it is coming from, lol! I will be back later but I loved The Glory Train and your recipe on Potato Broccoli Soup I will have to try for a cold winter day. But my favorite is You Are My Hiding Place. The background is stunning and the poem just beautiful. For He is Our Hiding Place and if we listen we can hear Him. He is our Salvation and everything that means something special in our lives. He is always there and I could never be without Him in my life. God bless you my friend and will check out the new section later when I get home. Love Judy
15 September 2004 - NY
JC |
You have done a great job on the site and the New fun pages are just great.
I am honored to be able to call you Sister and Friend and know the hard work that you do to make your site so very great and that you do it all for the Glory of our Lord.
Much Love
your brudder JC
15 September 2004 - cyber world
Dortha Knotts
Hello, Your site is just so beautiful, uplifting and I love to come here for peace away from this troubled world. Thank you so much for being here! Love the poetry , scenery as well as the music and messages it brings.
14 September 2004 - Dover, Ohio
Christine Steward |
Carolyn, Thank you for all of the beauty that you share with so many. Your precious memories hold so much love that sometimes I can sense myself in my memories as I relate to yours. It's funny how that works, but I thank the good Lord that it does. Thank you so very much for sharing so much of you. May God Bless youand yours always. In His Precious Name, I will close.
14 September 2004 - Virginia
John |
Hi Carolyn, as usual beautiful new pages. Love your New Fun section. You always come up with the greatest new ideas.
Teriffic Job!
God Bless.
14 September 2004 - Waynesboro, Va
Ken Ellison |
Carolyn I have just explored your site. It is beautiful as well as the content. You are a great talent and you honor me by using my poetry on your site.I shall return again soon.
14 September 2004 - Oregon
Billy Ringo
I wanted to tell you I think you have a beatiful web site. Also I love country music too. I thank you for coming to joy's site and giving us both praise. I appreciate you commenting you appreciated my song. Thank you so much for your kind words. Your site is Great! And I will return. Thank you again, keep up the Great! Work.
13 September 2004 - Brooklyn NY
accidently unsubscribed--please re-subscribe me !!!!!
13 September 2004 - iowa
Joanna |
It is such a lovely site . I can not say it in good English words but I love it here . Thanks for all the wonderfull poems and everything that I saw .

Greetings from Holland

13 September 2004 - The Netherlands
Gayle |
Hello my sweet friend, You did a good job with my corn cob war. Oh the memories it does bring back. Fun times of youth sadly surrendered to the aging process. Bet I could still hurl 'em. Thank you for using my work. You always do a great job. Love your site it is so peaceful and always leave with a blessing. God love you my friend.
12 September 2004 - USA

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