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Jerry |
Hi Carolyn!
It's always a pleasure and a blessing to visit you here at your site! We're agreeing more and more that memories are truly percious! THANK YOU...AND BLESS YOU! Keep on making an eternal difference for the Lord!
11 October 2004 - OH
dear Heather, your mom, Carolyn has such impact in my life. i was too free today so bored and so went into Carolyn's Pecious Memories. Carolyn, indeed is blessed to have a wonderful daughter, its a great blessings. though i do not have an daughter but i thank my mighty god for giving my husband and I for a thoughtful , understanding , caring etc he is our darling and I thank God for my son. Heather, God is so so good to us and loves us unconditionally, he gives us what he thinks is good.nice knowing you through carolyn's precious memories.
10 October 2004 - spore
Just enjoy coming into your life and visit you as a little child.
just came back home from teaching the little ones 4,5, years old phonics and reading. I am so proud of you Carolyn and I thank Jesus for you. Please bless Carolyn and all her loved ones. Please Lord continue to enriched her lives with your divine knowledge , wisdom and all the gifts of your holy spirit. paulin
10 October 2004 - spore
Nancy |
what a wonderful peaceful place to come and visit. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and Gods love. People like you make the www a good place..I do not have a web page, but putting one down that is my prayer station...
9 October 2004 - TN
Diane Gilbert
Very nice!
9 October 2004 - Longview, Texas
Lori |
What a wonderful page you have. I have enjoyed my visit much. I will pass this site along to my email list. When you have a moment please stop by our page. It would be an honor if you could join usEarth Angels
7 October 2004 - Fl
Margaret Owen |
Thank You for your lovely words about my site.they have come from the heart, & I hope I will give young people food for thought,with life the way it is today for young people ,maybe with the Lords guidence in words I say, can it make a diffence in someones life.I dont know anything about html,but seem to be doing ok with out it. Haha. God Bless Margaret
5 October 2004 - Calif.
4 October 2004 - SPRINGFIELD, OHIO
Jerry F. Abbott
May Vestal keep singing for all eternity that all who never heard her on earth may do so in God's Great Kingdom!
3 October 2004 - Fort Payne, AL
Dear Carolyn, thank you so so much. The anniversary site that you have created has indeed touch my little heart of love with so much endless tears of great love and joy. Tears keep flowing as I read and even continuing to flow as I felt so much loved by God through Carloyn.

Carolyn, Carolyn thank you. I am going to email to my husband in Brunei to tell him to look at this beautiful site that you have created for me. I hope he can open the email and view the beautiful creation of Carolyn.

Praise you Jesus
Thank you Jesus
Love you Jesus.

Tonight I am going to bring Blessed Mother Mary to my home for rosary. She will be staying with me for 2 nights, Monday and Tuesday and I am going to tell her about you Carolyn and how God allowed you to touch me with so much divine love.

Thanks you once again Carolyn

May God continue to bless in your divine work for the glory of God and blessed your loved ones.

My gratefulness : Paulin and Michael
NIcholas and Yen Yen
3 October 2004 - Singapore
2 October 2004 - MOLENA GA.
John |
Simply beautiful pages Carolyn. Excellent poems and graphics you have chosen to accent every page. You have sites to admire and enjoy my visits often.
God Bless,
2 October 2004 - Waynesboro, Virginia
June Burge
Ineed your Prayers. The Dr. has given
me 1 year, Because of cancer.
I'm not taking the treatments ,It's all
in GODS hands.I'm ready to go to meet Jesus.
2 October 2004 - Dresden,Tn.
Dee |
I truly enjoyed my visit dearest Carolyn..."Church In The Valley" -- Poetry by Ken was simply beautiful and heartfelt, and so loved the loving voice of Elvis...a true blessing this day...glad to hear you are OK...blessings to you always...Dee...

2 October 2004 - PA
AngelBunny |
Hello, I enjoyed my visit so much and especially,Spiritual,Holiday,Family,Graphics used,etc*.Just wonderful love it. Thank you for your hard work and for sharing. I belong to a group for women with angelic hearts named Angels Of Compassion,with friendly members and committees along with activites aviable, and I bet you would fit right in,so drop on in and see for yourselves.we are making new and lasting friends , Visit our site and see for yourself what a fun group this is. We would love it and be honored & delighted if you would join us... Angel Bunny
1 October 2004

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