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Jerry |
Hello, Carolyn...It's just wonderful to visit today! Wanted to let ya know! =) Please know that you are loved and appreciated---do just keep on being a blessing---it's surely making a difference here in our "troubled world".
God bless you and yours!!
17 October 2004 - OH
Wilma Kanyo
This was the most beautiful thing ive received.
17 October 2004
Jimmy Weldon |
Well, dear friends...many of you [I certainly hope] will think of me as "Uncle" Jimmy Weldon. That was what I called myself on television with Webster Webfoot back in the 50s and 60s. Oh, yes...that goes waaaay back. But you younger viewers can think of me as YAKKY DOODLE, the little duck, in the Yogi Bear Show. I am the last living cast member of that program produced in 1962, '63 and '64. It can be seen on the Cartoon Network today. Bless your heart, Carolyn, for these "Precious Memories"....May God continue to bless you and those who visit your web site.
17 October 2004 - Burbank, California
Carolyn |
I have really enjoyed Your wonderful site.
I would like to ask You to come and join Us at
Sisters With Heart.

17 October 2004 - Georgia
Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Carolyn, I have visited many pages again, and love each one!! Loved the photos, the Teddy Bear page, and just so many others, as well as the lovely design and music of each page. I always get a blessing when I visit.. Thanks for a sharing your wonderful talent with all!! God bless!!
16 October 2004 - KY, USA
Dee |
I truly enjoyed my visit dearest Carolyn...and I can relate so to your TeddyBear Page...for they are in every nook and cranny of my beautiful was the poetry and how lovely was the graphic design. All the best is wished for Heather's Wedding...looking forward to hearing about it and seeing photos...God bless all...your work is just beautiful...Love, Dee...

16 October 2004 - PA
John |
Hi Carolyn, Really enjoyed your newsletter and new pages, my favorite being The Ice Cream Shop. Such a touching story of love and kindness.
I didn't know you collected Teddy Bears. My daughter Candy has ever Teddy Bear she ever got lol. Shelves and shelves of them.
God Bless and continue the wonderful pages and wishing you a great time next week at Heather's wedding.
16 October 2004 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Judy |
Just absolutely beautiful! What else can I say of your new pages. My favorite was the Teddy Bear page as I collect them. And the Saturday Bath still has me giggling, what a cute poem my dear friend. You have some more winners as always and never seem to amaze me with what you are coming up next. Also will give the chicken a try on your recipe page. And your new backgrounds are just great! God bless always. Love Judy
16 October 2004 - New York, brrrr
Gayle |
Carolyn, I enjoyed your pages today. Loved the They Fit. Touched my heart. Sweet little ones are the love of my heart. May God bless the little angels in life. I have really been around on your site today and have certainly had a good visit. You are such a sweet and giving person and God sees you my friend. He knows and that is what matters. Have a good time doing Heather's wedding. Stay young at heart and keep your eyes on the Master. All else will fall into place. See ya kiddo.
16 October 2004 - USA
Jimmy aka Jcshrimp1 |
Hi Carolyn:
I can't tell you how much I enjoy you wonderful site and just how much pleasure it gives me to come and visit. You are a special friend and do so much for all who come your way.
Thank you for your friendship and CJ thank you so very much for shareing my site in your news letter. That was so very sweet of you.
I send Gods blessings into your home and for your family in all there walk with our Lord Jesus.
You stay safe and keep up the great work.
Your brother in Christ.

16 October 2004 - Panama City, Fl.
George |
Hi, What a beautiful website i enjoyed my visit and will come back. Just a awesome site. Come visit my humble site and if you will sign my guestbook.. Good Bless.... George see my ANGELS
14 October 2004 - PENA, usa
14 October 2004 - BRUNSWICK, GEORGIA
Cheryl Braley
Thanks to the Lord for answering my prayers before and during the recent hurricane!
14 October 2004 - Northwest Florida
Jan |
Loved your site -- Just had to see what someone from my hometown had to offer!! I found your entry on my friend Helena's Guestbook. (I'm a 2nd generation native of Fresno - born at the OLD St. Agnes, downtown!)

I've only been able to cruise a couple of pages, but am loving what I see here. I'll be back soon to see more. Got to get ready for work now! (darn!!)

14 October 2004 - Fairfield, CA
Helena |
13 October 2004 - FLORIDA

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