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Libby Malone
This is a GREAT website. Thanks for bringing music and memories.
7 May 2011 - USA, Maryland
Reba Nell White
I have enjoyed this so much.It is truely the most awesome website I have ever seen
7 May 2011 - Galveston Texas
Jon Covey
Looking for "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes."
5 May 2011 - Torrance, CA

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still listening so nice caroline all i have left
5 May 2011 - england
Jeanne Boehler Schneider
High School Grad 1961, actually lived in Fresno 1962, with relatives. Cousin went to Bullard High. Your site is ~ FABULOUS! Thank You from my heart for the memories, the wonderful memories.
5 May 2011 - Mobridge, South Dakota

Webmaster comments   Thank you! It is always great to have others visit from Fresno or that lived here at sometime!
Dianne Bennett
Thankyou for all of these beautiful memories just loved sitting here reminising
5 May 2011 - Australia
Joe B.
Great site— great music— great memories.
4 May 2011 - CT now— 50's & 60's in NY.
bob papillon
The 50's and 60's are gone and so went all the good music, never bee the same@@@
4 May 2011 - United States
THANK YOU FOR ''HOW GREAT THOU ART'' MUCH NEEDED. came upon it by chance
~!~ 80 & holding 'ON'
4 May 2011
Linda Duke
A good friend sent this sight to me and I am ever grateful that I know where to go now to hear my favorite songs and to be able to remenber the good old days and how special they were and how I wish my kids and grankids could have had the chance to experience just a few of the fun times and and special music that we were blessed to have been apart of.I know that each and every song meant something special to each and every person it touched. God Bless you for taking the time to care enough about others that u would do this to make people like myself have a few minutes to reflect on not just the beauty of the music and the way u created it, but to help us to never forget they really were the good old days and we may never be able to go home again but that doesn't mean we can't reflect on not only its beauty but it acually had meaning to the words in the songs and as one reader put it u could acually hear the songs and relate to most of them. Bless you and yours for all your hard work I for one appreciate it as I know many others do as well.(My God Bless You and Yours)
3 May 2011 - Burleson , Texas
billy kirwan
I just listened to Life's railway (AGAIN) -- it is special to me because Brother Bil (who lets me live in his home) worked for 30+ years on the railroad, and LOVES Messiah more than anything.
2 May 2011 - CALIFORNIA
Pam Hooker
Thank you so much for this, my best birthday presant.It is wonderfull. Xx
2 May 2011 - Spain

Webmaster comments   Happy Birthday!!!
Tim Bannister
Thanks for printing out the lyrics to these classics. You know how there are various old songs you sing where you kind of skip over the lyrics, since you can't understand them? I finally picked up the missing words to one of my all-time fave's: "Could This Be Magic?"
1 May 2011 - Detroit, Michigan
Abigail |
I am so glad to see that your site is running again! I was worried that you had quit doing this and I wouldn't get to visit your site anymore. Thank-you so much for creating this wonderful site. I just love the music. Keep up the good work.
1 May 2011 - Canada
Love your site.....Thanks for all the work that went into it.
1 May 2011 - Panama City, Fl.

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