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Jimmy aka Jcshrimp1 |
Hi Sis
I am so very proud of your new webmaster page. You are such a blessing to me so many times that you never even know about. I must tell you how great it has been for the past yr or so that we have spent time talking and you have been such a blessing to me you just don't know how much.Thank you for just being my friend and allowing me to share your joy about the many things in your life. You are truely a special friend.
In Jesus special love.

Loved Your Site by Jimmy's Safe Harbor
10 December 2004 - Panama Cit, Fl.
Melva |
Hi Carolyn,
My what a beautiful page you have done about you and your site!!! Your graphics are beautiful, Designer Lady is very gifted, and you are too..And the best part is giving the thanks and glory to Jesus, where it all does belong...
Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us, it truly is a wonderful page...
I love the poem Ken wrote also, I have a very tender heart for our loved ones who are on foreign soil fighting to keep our country free...
Wonderful pages !!!
Thanks for sharing!!!
Love ya...
10 December 2004
Mario Camara
It's truly delightful and enchanting to read and listen to these precious memories. Thanks for sharing such beauty and inspiration. Many blessings during Christmas and the whole year round.
10 December 2004 - Florida
Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4 |
Carolyn, I have had a very good visit, viewing many pages. I went to the ones in email, but can never stop with just that,love to browse more. *S* You have lovely inspiring pages with lovely designing and music. Love to hear Gen's singing! Her God given talent is awesome! A great visit!! Thanks for sharing!! God bless!! Have a very happy, healthy and safe MERRY CHRISTMAS !!
10 December 2004 - KY, USA
Neoma Clymer (Blue Swan)
Tears are rolling down my face.. Something like this happened to me when my first husband was dying.. someone brought me a dozen red roses for valentines day..
God Bless You for sharing..
9 December 2004 - Charlotte Michigan
John |
Hi Carolyn, Your newest poem by Ken, "It Wont Seem Like Christmas" is a wonderful message for our troops and their families this holiday season. May God's love always shine on them and bring them home safely. A truly wonderful page along with your touching testimony and awards for "Webmaster Carolyn".
God Bless and a very Merry Christmas,
9 December 2004 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Ken Ellison |
You are a light of Jesus
For the rest of us,
You make to shine
His love divine,
He is our King
You are His wings.

God bless you.
9 December 2004 - McMinnville, Oregon
Joy |
Hi Carolyn,

Thanks so much for sharing. I love visiting your site. And yes, I truly agree with you, God is guiding your hand and that is so special.
9 December 2004 - NJ
Tina |
Hi Carolyn! :)I LOVE your new pages! Your webmaster page is sooo beautiful! What a lovely background set. Pink is my favorite color. And Carolyn, you are so pretty. A pretty face with the light of God shining through to go with your sweet personality. Ken's poem was also very nice. I visited his site awhile back and really enjoyed his poetry. Thank you so much Carolyn for sharing your new pages with us. God bless you always!
9 December 2004 - TX
I really like the quilts sunning on the porch, it reminds me of days long gone by. I LOVE JESUS most of all and one

day I shall behold HIS smiling FACE!Wouldn't it be great to visit ISRAEL?
8 December 2004 - Evansville,IN ( would love to visit JERSUALEM !)
Dee |

"Christmas Afar" so beautifully composed by Kenneth Ellison was so reflective of the times...the sadness indeed for so many precious families missing their loved ones...and for our men and women so far away from home...God bless you dear Carolyn for sharing this inspirational page with the loving presence of Elvis...The background was gorgeous...Love, Dee
8 December 2004 - Philadelphia
Gayle |
Just viewing the new pages. Love the poem by Ken, "It Wont Seem Like Christmas." May God bless the troops and their families this holiday season as well as every other day. We are so indebted to them. Beautiful work from both you and Ken.
8 December 2004 - Alabama
Sue |
Carolyn, I really enjoyed your new page, It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You. The graphics are beautiful.
God Bless and Keep Our Troops Safe From Harm.
Merry Christmas!
8 December 2004 - California
Larry Peart |
Memaw, what a wonderful job you are doing with all your web pages, they are really great. Happy hollidays to you and your family my freind
8 December 2004 - Boaz Alabama
Dark Blue Knight |
What a wonderful collection of poetry you have here, such an inspirational site and one which I am sure will bring joy to all who visit. I came across your site from another Guestbook you signed and thought I would look you up, I am so pleased I did. If you get the time please visit and read some of my humble works, although no where near the quality of Southbreeze or Francine Pucillo (both favourites of mine)I am happy with what I have achieved. I do recomend you read "Smile Down On Me" at least, it is one of my favourite works. I wish I had the talent to build a site as beautiful as this one but God has given us all different talents and we use them as best we can. May God bless you always and may an Angel always be by your side.
7 December 2004 - Brisbane, Australia

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