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Sher |
I had a very nice visit and enjoyed your site very much. I would like to extend you an invitation to join "Friend 2 Friend", an online group I belong to, where there is so much warm and caring friendship, I think you would like it, why don't you visit us and see what you think?
Peace and Love Friend 2 Friend!
24 January 2005 - usa--Mn.

Webmaster comments   Hello Sher:Thank you for coming to visit me and for the nice comments in my guestbook.You sound like you have a nice group, I just am so behind most of the time, that I don't join anymore.I have to pass on it for now.Thank You for the invitation..God Bless You...Carolyn
DoedeP |
Hello Dear Carolyn,
Your Page titled-You Don't Have To Walk Alone- is SO Beautiful. I can recall many times in my life, the words you have shared with the song have applied to my life. But Oh, thanks to Calvary...God will walk with me, I never have to walk alone!!
Bless you, and Bless you so abundantly Carolyn with God's grace covering you as you serve Him in this ministry on the net, that He is glorified. You one day will hear Him say to you, "Well done, my child." As He crowns you with a special crown, and the Angels stand before you and sing.
Love you, Carolyn,
23 January 2005 - Oklahoma

Webmaster comments   Hello Doede:You are just so sweet to take time to sign in and the sweet things you always say about my pages.I do love making them so much and most of all for God.I am glad that you enjoyed the song too.I am so happy that we can always talk to God.He is always here for us.I pray that all of my site and what I do here is pleasing to God.It sure is for Him and to win others to Jesus..God Bless You Doede, Love You alot..Carolyn
Tammy Hill |
You have a beautiful website. I have enjoyed my stay. Thank you for sharing it. Love Tammy
20 January 2005 - Tampa, Fl USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Tammy:
Thank you so much for your nice comments and for taking the time to sign my guestbook.It does really encourage me so much.I hope you will come often to see all of the updates coming..God Bless You..Carolyn
Bill Wyke
wonderful site will visit often
19 January 2005 - Zionville N.C.

Webmaster comments   Hello Bill,
Thank you so much for taking the time to sign my book and for the nice comments about the sites.I am happy that you enjoy what I have on it.God Bless You..Carolyn
This is the first time I have every been on your site and I wish that more internet sites were/are like yours. It really touched my heart. I could listen and watch your site all day long. It gives my spiritual inspiration to go on and remember what the Lord Jesus Christ came to earth for and usually I get my my "gas up" for the week by going to church, but this gives me an extra gas up that really helps me
17 January 2005 - Drexel, Mo

Webmaster comments   Hello DJ, Thank You so much for the very nice comments about my sites.I am glad to know that you received a blessing from your visit here.I do love my Southern Gospel Music, and will be adding new songs very often.More to come about family singing and more tributes coming.I feel the same way about good Gospel Music..Thank You Again, God Bless You, Carolyn
Lorna Adams
I just finished watching a Howard & Vestal Goodman DVD and wanted to look up the words to "I Don't Regret a Mile". (I just LOVE that song!) In searching for this I ran across your website. It is absolutely beautiful! I believe I've spent at least an hour looking through it and of course if I had the time, I could stay at this site longer!

You are a beautiful lady. May I just say that it is never too late to be a missionary, so don't give up on that calling! Meanwhile, you are doing a wonderful work encouraging people with your website. I don't see the plan of salvation anywhere on your site (could've missed it). You might consider including that as you never know who will stumble across it.

Thank you for a very pleasant visit! You are a blessing!
17 January 2005 - Surrey, B.C. (suburb of Vancouver)

Webmaster comments   Hello Lorna, Thank you so much for the nice comments about my site.I do love all of my work on here and I am very thankful that God has allowed me to make my sites which is reaching people all over the world.This is my Mission work now and it has brought many to give their hearts to Jesus.That is what it is all about.I have a page on my sitemap about ~How To Become A Christian~, and will be moving it when my SiteMap is uploaded in another day or so.But I am so thankful to have my sites and reaching so many lost souls..Thank You so much and I am glad that you like the song too..God Bless You,Carolyn
Faith Dube |
God Bless you all
16 January 2005 - Florida

Webmaster comments   Hello Faith, Thank You so much for the nice comments about my site.I will sure be coming to visit you as well.You sound so sweet.I do appreciate all of the kind words and encouragment..God Bless carolyn
Katie |
Well girl, you have outdone yourself! It is a fantastic site and so much has been added..I am so sorry about the young man who was killed in the 9-11 plane attack on the Trade Center, and the poem for your Daddy was one I would
like for my own Daddy (he quit school in the 6th grade)! Worked from the time
the time he was 12 or 13 first at the Brickyard and then he worked 40 years at Armco Steel Corp. in Ashland, Ky.! The other pages I saw were equally as good and I love the music and oh I just can't say enough! I love you for being my friend and may GOD bless us everyone! Katie
15 January 2005 - Des Moines, Iowa

Webmaster comments   Hi Katie, I am so glad that you came to visit me.I have been working alot of overtime to bring you and all of my people more new things this year.My Daddy was a great one and they broke the mold when he was born.I know you will say the same about your Daddy and that is how we should all feel about our Daddys.You will love some of the new songs coming on very soon..I will be adding more good Southern Gospel and more of Elvis.Bluegrass too..Thanks so much Katie,I do love to add my comments in my guestbook now.It is fun and is some faster than writing so much mail, as I want to make pages and it takes alot of time, and hard work as you well know..OOPS, Don't forget that we have to clean house and cook Love You Alot, Carolyn
Dee |
Dearest Carolyn...I came via your "Links Page" as many wonderful sites to visit. Thank you again for listing my "Tranquility" honor for me. I am at Mom's house...have been spending many hours here and thank The brother has a computer. I access my mail at night and post to my groups in the evening hours. Hope all is well in your area with the mudslides...have a blessed day.
11 January 2005 - Philadelphia

Webmaster comments   Hi Dee,
Thank you so much for coming to visit me.I am most happy to have you listed on my favorite links.Your Tranquilty Page is so wonderful.If you ever want me to change to another one of your pages, let me know.I am just so glad that you have got alot of your site back on.I hope you Mom is doing ok and so glad to hear you can use your brothers pc.I live about two hours from the very bad mud slides.We have just had so much rain and still bad weather.Lots of trees on cars and trucks and bad accidents..God Bless You Dee, Love Carolyn
abu princeton |
As iwas passing by... i came across your wonderful site.. i thought of staying here for few minutes and go through the awesome pages in your site... suddenly i looked at my wrist watch and iam amazed that i have been here for nearly two hours going ,, and again i looked at the wall clock and i did knew thati have been here for two hours... iam mesmerished and the time has passed so fast going through this sweetest really made my day a sweetest one... have a great day in his glorious name with family and friends .. have a great joyous his glorious name

I thank god for giving this wonderful communication called internet.. and this world wide web... otherwise i would not have been able to meet you and this wonderful site of yours. what a awesome world we live in..

From a passer by.. named abu princeton from india
11 January 2005 - INDIA

Webmaster comments   Hello Abu:
Thank you so much for coming to visit my site and for taking the time to leave your very nice comments in my guestbook.I am very glad that you enjoyed your visit and hope that you will feel free to visit anytime.Time does go by very fast when we can get time to visit other sites.I will be coming to visit you as well.It is wonderful that we can go to all countries and visit on this big web.It is the only way most of us can see how the others live and how we all talk about God.God Bless You Abu..Carolyn
Just me
Just wished to tell you how much i love your work for our Father God of the Bible and I pray for you to be blessed in every way.
In Jesus love
Just me
10 January 2005

Webmaster comments   Hello Just Me,
Thank you so much for coming to visit my site again.I do love working for God.Do I know You? lol Well if so please feel free to come and visit me again soon..God Bless..Carolyn
DoedeP |
Hello Dear Carolyn,
I just visited your page True Love. My heart has been so touched and blessed. And yep, with some teary eyes. Knowing you SO miss your precious daddy and Mother. Carolyn you have some really handsome and beautiful brothers and sisters, this appling to you, also. Your heart, we know being so beautiful and precious, with the FULLNESS of God's love.
Love you,
Forever safe in the arms of our Father. Drowned in His grace,
9 January 2005

Webmaster comments   Hi Doede,
It is so good to see you coming back to visit me again.I have not heard from you in along time.I hope you are doing good.Thank You Doede about my Mama and Daddy and all of us kids on True Love..That was a very special page.I am glad that you came yesterday..Daddy and my Sister Dot went to Heaven on Jan 9th and only 4 yrs apart.I miss them alot, but we will all have a family reunion some great day.Thanks again Doede and come again soon.God Bless You, Love You Alot...Carolyn
Bev |
Oh my, how I have enjoyed your site. I had to add it to my favorite places so I could return. I sent some of your pages on to friends and relatives to also enjoy. I share your love for gospel music. I am origianlly from Indiana, home of the Gaithers whom I have seen several times in person.
I too started my website without knowing what I was doing, and my daughter helped me. I have not added to it in a while because time has not permitted me to do so. You have done such a great job of building so many lovely pages. It makes me want to get back to work on my site.
Many blessings!
9 January 2005 - Tualatin, Oregon

Webmaster comments   Hello Bev:
Thank you so much for coming to visit me and for taking the time to sign my book with such nice comments about my site.I do love my southern gospel.It is good to have someone new that enjoys our music too.I do hope that you will begin to work on your own site soon again.I am sure that you will enjoy getting back to working on your own site.I will be coming to visit your site also.Thank you so much for sharing with your family and friends too, I do appreciate that so much..God Bless You..Carolyn
I have a Sister in Bend, Oregon.
Rose (Robertson) Bahrns
Carolyn, I've really enjoyed your site.I've always Loved to hear Elvis,especially Gospel.Thanks for the Memories.
9 January 2005 - Dyersburg,TN

Webmaster comments   Hello Rose: Thank you for your very nice comments on my site.I am glad that you have enjoyed some of the pages that has Elvis too.I do love hearing him sing and especially think he was one of the best on Gospel.I have some friends that have many pages of Elvis on their sites.If you need the sites, let me know and I will direct you to them.I do love my Precious Memories..God Bess You...Carolyn
eric mahinay |
Greetings from Philippines,
Indeed, your website serves a good propeller to inspire everyone online.
I have copied some of the free graphics that you offer...thank you so much for creating such.
8 January 2005 - Philippines

Webmaster comments   Hello Eric:Thank you for your kind words in my book about my site, I do love working on my site for God.Please do be careful about taking graphics.I don't have anything on my site that is free graphics.I am not the one that makes the graphics.The ones that are mine were gifts or purchased by me.So be careful.God Bless..Carolyn

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