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Heather and Daren,
God bless this loving beautiful couple
May love, joy, happines, goodhealth and everlasting love, patience, kindness, faithfulness, fear of the Lord be your joy for one other.

I am very happy, enjoy your song;Can't help falling in love with you by Elvis Presley which is also my favourite and and my favourite singer.

Praise and Glorify God
Life is always joyful if we focus on God who is the provider.

Love : Paulin
28th January 2005 (1:45am)Singapore Time
27 January 2005 - S'pore

Webmaster comments   Hi Paulin,
I 'm very glad that you liked Heather and Daren's Wedding page.I did forward all messages to them and also they see the book.I will make them a special something for her site when I can.But they did love the page too.And they appreciate all of you for your best wishes for them.Heather did want her song and her Elvis.She is like her Mom and Grandma about Elvis.So glad you like him too.God Bless You Paulin..Love Carolyn
Sean Michael Stringer |
My paw-paw got me to visiting your site and I like it a lot. I especially like the gospel songs. I am 11 years old and have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. My paw-paw has a christian website where he gets visitors from all over the world, as he works to lead others to Christ and I wanted my own site too. He helped me build it an I want everybody to visit me and maybe sign my guestbook. I really want to help other other kids get to know God, before the devil gets to them. I believe God is happy with what you are doing here, and may He bless you. Thank you, Mike.
27 January 2005 - Columbia, MS. USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Sean:
You are so sweet.I 'm very proud of you Sean.You are the same age as my grandson Quinton.I know that your paw-paw is so proud of you too..Sean you keep right on talking to the kids to give their hearts to Jesus.You pray for this Memaw please and for my family.Okay? We all need prayers.Tell your paw-paw to send me an email and I will add you on my site so that others can find your site.You let me know, Okay? God is so proud of you too..Thank you for saying all of the nice things about my site.I do this for God and we are wanting others to come to Jesus.Tell your paw-paw thank you for sending you to my site.God Bless You Sean, Love Carolyn
jolanda |
I dont no what to say but I wish you the best you can get,Jesus loves you! You have a beautiful web site for your angel. I am so sorry about your loss. My heart go out to you and your family.You are welcome to visit my Site and burn a candle 4 carolyn.
Love jolanda

27 January 2005 - holland

Webmaster comments   Hello jolanda:
Thank you so much for coming and being my friend.I hope that you got to visit Amber Linn's site that her Mommy Heather has for her.I will be over to see you and light a candle or have her Mommy light one for her.Thank You for your friendship..God Bless You..Love Carolyn
Dear Carolyn, thank you for the newletter telling us about the wedding, it was a wonderful wedding, the pictures are really wonderful , with the slide show we are almost there with all of you , blessing to the couple, and many years of life to share with one another, just keep working at it, with love, You did a very great job with presenting it to us, thanks, you make a person feel so right at home and what you talk about with your poems, its the way I remember in the 50's and 60's also, I was in the choir and we went around , to different places and churches also. I do enjoy coming here and I will be back to listen to the music and feel the love that was put in to it for the Lord, Thanks again, I use to live in Bakersfield, California, who knows maybe we know one another, traveled the cordor up to Sacramento, Calif. I love to sing , but don't do so good now, just sing to myself. and the Lord. thanks again for making me feel at home with you. Love, Sister Katherine
27 January 2005 - USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Katherine:
Thank you so much for the very nice entry in my book.I 'am glad that you enjoy my Newsletter, and the Wedding.Thank you for the nice comments on the page for Heather and Daren.They will be sure to get all of the messages.Whow! Since I live in Fresno we just may have met before.My Brother-in-Law Boyd Cole lived in Taft and had The Desertaires Quartet.I will be making a page on them soon too.My family is listed on my index page at the bottom and also on my singing memories page.I will be making many more pages with our singing friends.I did spend alot of time in Bakersfield, relatives and singing..Thanks so much Katherine..God Bless..Love Carolyn
Dee |

Dearest Carolyn...the wedding photos were just beautiful and the slide presentation was glorious. I reiterate as you lovingly wrote..."Wishing Heather and Darren a Lifetime of Happiness"...God bless them both abundantly.
27 January 2005 - Philadelphia

Webmaster comments   Hi Dee:You are so sweet to always say the nicest things.I had alot of fun making this page.I' am glad that you enjoyed looking at the pictures too.I am one for pictures.They will sure see your entry and be thankful for all of the nice friends messages to them.God Bless You Dee, Love Carolyn
Dortha Knotts
My very best wishes to you both. What a beautiful wedding and ceremony was so special. God's richest blessings all through your lives! He loves you and so do I.
26 January 2005 - Dovert, Ohio

Webmaster comments   Hi Dortha:Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know how much you enjoyed seeing Heather and Daren's wedding page.It was fun and very touching to this Mama and to Daddy too.We did feel the touch from God at the wedding..They do love their wedding page..Thanks to all of my good friends for helping us share this Joy with them..God Bless You.. Love..Carolyn
Hi Cayolyn, That was a Beautiful slideshow from Heather and Darin's wedding! Many Congrats Heather and Darin and may your love last a lifetime. God Bless and Thank You for sharing your special day! Angel Hugs, Cahy
26 January 2005 - Indiana

Webmaster comments   Hi Cathy:
Thank You so much for the sweet comments on Heather and Daren's Wedding page.We did have a fun time at the wedding.The Bride and Groom will enjoy reading all of the entries and will also be getting them forwarded to them.Thanks so much..God Bless You..Hugs Carolyn
Wonderful site.It is very inspiring to me. The poems and music is so beautiful.
Thank you.
26 January 2005 - Canada

Webmaster comments   Hi Fjola:
This is great to have you sign again and let me know that you were blessed with poems and songs.I really do appreciate you letting me know what you like.I am glad to know that you enjoy my kind of music too.God Bless You..Love Carolyn
This is the best site I have come across.It is very inspiring to read your poems and listen to the wonderful music.
26 January 2005 - Canada

Webmaster comments   Hello Fjola:
Thank you for the nice comments about my site.I do really appreciate all of the encouragment from you and all of my friends.Thanks for taking the time to sign in and let me know you have been here.God Bless You..Love Carolyn
Jane Hammond
This was very inspiring and I really enjoyed the words and the music.
26 January 2005 - Bloomdale, Ohio

Webmaster comments   Hi Jane:
Thank you so much for taking the time to sign my guestbook, and with such nice comments.I'am glad that you enjoyed the page.You do give me alot of encouragment..God Bless.Love Carolyn
John |
Hi Carolyn, I'm finally in your guestbook. Its OK from other pages.

While here, I want to say Heather and Daren's page is beautiful and what a beautiful wedding it had to be with the Lei's and balloons to your loved ones.

The slide show is incredible. I've never seen it work so smooth and fast and go back to the page. And what beautiful pictures to remember Heather and Daren's special day.
God Bless,
26 January 2005 - Waynesboro, Virginia

Webmaster comments   Hi John,
Thanks so much for helping me too.I did that on another page and had to remove something.But I am glad it is fixed and the movie works.Thanks John for all that you did for Heather and Daren.You made it very special for them.Thanks for being a good faithful friend.We have been friends many years.Time goes so fast..Thanks again..God Bless..Carolyn
You see CJ I can get into it so stop worring so much.
I love the new pages and God bless you for all your hard work.
Thanks sis
Love in Jesus
26 January 2005 - u know

Webmaster comments   Hi Jimmy: Thanks for your help. I had to remove the hearts and now it all works,too much Java on one page..JC, I just tried again to add the hearts and it did the same thing.Thanks so much for all of your help..God Bless You Brudder.. CJ
Heleca |

Kiss and Hugs from Heleca
26 January 2005 - Sweden

Webmaster comments   Hello Heleca: Thank you so much for visiting me again and taking the time to always sign my book..I do want to add your banner on my site too.I will be over to see you again soon..God Bless You... Love You..Carolyn
Dee |

I am so sad to hear of the passing of J.B. heartfelt sympathy to family and friends. As I entered your home to visit, I read the sad news...a loss to all dearest Carolyn. Blessings to you for all the beauty you share.
26 January 2005 - Philadelphia

Webmaster comments   Hi Dee, Thank you for always coming to visit me.It was sad to lose J.B. as a friend that we could visit.But one day we will be with him again.The service for him was so wonderful last Sat.I will be sharing some good things soon about the service.He was a wonderful man that truly lived a life full with God and family.God Bless You..Love Carolyn
Dr Gerald M. Walden
I visit your web site frequently. It is the most beautiful and inspiring site of all. I have to-night been playing the song "Beyond The Sunset" by Jimmy Rogers. I know I have played it over and over for hours. It brings back many, many, precious memories. The Lord willing I will be back many times for inspiration.
Thanks again for all your loving work!
No doubt this is a site of Love!!
Just Me,
Dr. Walden
25 January 2005 - USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Dr.Waldon:
Thank you so much for always leaving the nicest entries for me to read.They do encourage me so much.I am glad that you enjoy visiting my site.I am also happy to know that you liked Beyond The Sunset.Jimmy Rogers had a voice that no one else could sing that song like..He was a household guest at my home on the radio when I was young.I do hope that all of my work shows alot of love, as that is what I want it to be and most of all for God..I did try to thank you before in a email and it came back.So this is my way again of thanking all of you..God Bless You.Carolyn

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