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Partridgelady |
Your page, YOU RAISED ME UP, has just made my day, it is awesome. I played it over and over. My husband and I were so thrilled to have heard Josh sing this in person past summer at Interlochen Michigan where he had gone to school. It's a National Music Camp and Academy. This was a "return home" concert. Thank you for your beautiful work on the web.
12 February 2005 - Michigan

Webmaster comments   Hello,
Thank you so much for your visit and for taking the time to sign in with your very nice comments.I'am glad that you enjoyed 'You Raise Me Up'.Tina wrote a wonderful poem to go along with Josh singing his famous and wonderful song.He does sing so good.I know you had a wonderful time at his concert.Thank you for letting me know that you and your hubby got to see his return home concet.Happy Valentines Day and God Bless You..Carolyn
sister sue
enjoyed the site with grandma nored and the feather bed, so refreshing to just sit and read these and look at the pictures, oh how mom and dad would enjoy this, but they are with grandma now.
7 February 2005 - bend, ore

Webmaster comments   Hi Sue,
I'am always so glad to see my sister and family signing my book to let me know you have been here.You and alll of the other 6 siblings were so lucky to have known Grandma Nored.I wish I had got to meet her.But I know from all I have heard she was a very special lady and loved God.I wish I had of had computer and Mama and Daddy could have enjoyed the sites too.They did love their family and the gospel singing..Love You, Carolyn
Hi Carolyn..I received this page *Beyond the Sunset* from a friend, and think its just beautifuly done by Jimmy Rogers...I read his biography, and as tragic as his life could have been, he survived to sing again...God Blessed him...Thanks for great pages...
7 February 2005 - Arkansas

Webmaster comments   Hi Nann,
Thank you for coming to visit me..I always love to see your entries and your sweet comments on what I'am doing.I'am glad to know how much you love Jimmy Rogers too and liked Beyond the Sunset.He has a voice that we all love that grew up with him in our homes.I know I have always loved his voice and singing..He truly did get his mellow voice from God.Thanks so much for your great friendship for so long..God Bless,love Carolyn
Donna |
You have a outstanding site. I would love it if you could visit our site and maybe join our little group.

6 February 2005 - Texas

Webmaster comments   Hi Donna,
Thank you so much for coming to visit me and for your nice comments that you left in my book.I' am sure that you have a nice group of friends in your friends group.At this time I can't join any groups due to time that it takes for me working on my sites, and also taking care of family.Thank you so much though for the invitation..God Bless You..Carolyn
Dark Blue Knight |
What a beautiful site. You have put so much effort into your work and it really shows. Of course I haven't visited every page, but the one's I have are simply so full of inspiration. Cannot praise you enough. Regarding "If Jesus Called At Your House" I will leave a message in your Bravenet Guest Book about that. (I know that Guest Book will take all the content) Always sad to hear stories of those so young being taken so early. Just earlier today I wrote a poem about that very subject which I called "Heaven's Child". Feel free to e-mail me if you would like to read it as it will not be on my site for a while yet. One final comment, thank you for your kind comments to a dear friend Samantha, we both really do share "Hands Across The Miles" Don't forget to check your Bravenet Guest Book

Eddie (Dark Blue Knight)

5 February 2005 - Brisbane, Australia

Webmaster comments   Hi Eddie,
Thank you so much for your kind words about my site.I do love talking about my relationship with God.He means all the world to me.I also enjoy talking about my love for gospel singing.I would love to read the poem that you have just written.I will email you about that.I am on my way to my bravenet now.This book does hold alot of words and no ads like in bravenet and also your email addy is much safe.Thanks again and I will be over to your site as soon as I can.I do love Sam alot too, She is very sweet..God Bless.Carolyn
Dee |

I just so loved reading "The Beginnings Of The Leon Family" -- Both tearful and joyful. My Dad was born in 1913 and Mom in 1917. A joyous page dearest Carolyn. I had a no-computer day (Doctor Day For Hubby), but wanted to especially thank you for visiting me...taking the time to sign my guestbook...I so appreciate your thoughtfulness. Have a blessed evening dear one...Love, Dee.
4 February 2005 - Philadelphia

Webmaster comments   Hi Dee,
Thank you so much for reading about Leons family.Making pages and thinking back on memories can be very tearful to me too..This is again another hard month for me.Feb 3rd was the day my Mama went to Heaven and I sure miss her..I will be praying for your Hubby Dee and please keep me in touch about him and how he is doing.God Bless You Dee, Love Carolyn
Billy Kirwan, (Rom828)
I just came in to see what your site is like, thank you for your encouraging notes to me about the poems the Father gives to me.
4 February 2005 - California, USA

Webmaster comments   Hi Billy,
Thank you so much for taking the time to sign my guestbook.You do write very good words from our Father.You have a great testimony Billy and it will reach many people..God Bless..Carolyn
Karell |
Your site is truly beautiful and very cordial. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the very good moments spent in your company. I will return, for sure to fill the heart and the soul with beautiful things. Thank you Carolyn
3 February 2005 - Canada

Webmaster comments   Hello Karell,
Thank you so much for coming to visit me too.I 'am so glad that you enjoyed your visit here.You come to visit me anytime..I will be back to see you too..God Bless Karell, Carolyn
DoedeP |
Carolyn, I made a mistake when signing this...maybe you can correct it. I added the page of yours, I enjoyed so much a s my URL...meaning to add a page of my I have signed your guest book twice these moments...

3 February 2005 - Oklahoma

Webmaster comments   Doede, I fixed the link to go back to your site..I got you two times now..Thank you so much for the pretty tags..I love them all that you leave and send in mail..I Love You..Carolyn
DoedeP |
Carolyn, Hi!
Thank you so much for pausing and visiting my site. Knowing you are so very busy. I LOVE visiting your site. Your heart prints of your love for our Lord adds to the blessings during these moments.
I visited several of your pages these moments, one The Key To Heaven, meant so much to me. I use to hear my daddy sing this song, and seems I can still hear him.
I know our Lord is blessing you and Filling you and those you so dearly love with His grace, for your precious service of love in this ministry, in which He is glorified.
I Love you, Carolyn, and hugs to your family,

3 February 2005 - Oklahoma

Webmaster comments   Hi Doede,Thank you so much for coming to visit me again.I know you always talk about your Daddy singing too.There is nothing like good southern gospel for me, as you can tell.I know you love it too.I do love to work for God and that is my whole purpose on this big web.He is my all..God Bless You Doede..I love you alot..Carolyn
Judy |
Hey there told you I was running behind but finally made it! Just loved the page you did for Heather and Darrin, so beautiful. And all the pictures, boy you sure are going to town learning all this new stuff there girl and doing such a great job. Just had to leave my heart prints after trying the other day and not making it in.
God bless
2 February 2005 - New York and Sunny

Webmaster comments   Hi Judy, Thank You so much for coming to see Heather and Daren.They had a very nice and fun wedding, and so happy to be married.You got me beat on all of the making stuff for your sites..But I do enjoy what I can do..Thanks again. God Carolyn
Lela Curtis |
What a wonderful place you have created.Some of it takes me back to my childhood. There is nothing about this site that is not pleasing and uplifting. Thank you so much. By the way,I found your site through Kens poetry site.
30 January 2005 - Arkansas,USA

Webmaster comments   Hello Lela,
Thank you for taking the time to leave me your comments on my site.I 'm so glad that you found something that reminds you of your own childhood.Thank you also for letting me know that Ken sent you here.He is a great poet and I do enjoy using his poems..Please visit me anytime..God Bless Carolyn
Susie Dicus |
My husband and I have been blessed and ministered to this morning with your poems and the music! Praise God for such a wonderful sight to go to be with the Father. May HE continue to bless you, may He keep you in the palms of His loving hands.
29 January 2005 - Harlingen, Texas

Webmaster comments   Hello Susie,
Thank you so much for the kind words about my site.I'am so glad to hear that you and your husband enjoyed your visit.I do want to thank you for taking the time to sign my book..Please come back and visit me anytime..God has been so good to me, and I do want to work for Him..I enjoy reading all of the comments as that does encourage me so much..I will be coming to visit you this week.Thank You..God Bless You Carolyn
Melva |
Carolyn Thank You for sharing Heather and Daren's wedding!
What a beautiful page you have made for them..That is surely a treasure!
A wonderful couple...And a beautiful wedding!
And Your meatloaf sounded great! The old recipes are the best...
Love You!
29 January 2005

Webmaster comments   Hi Melva,
Thank you for coming to see Heather and Daren's Wedding.I had fun making that page.I wish I could have left the smoke hearts on, but that was too much Java and I had to remove them.But the wedding was fun and so pretty.Heather and Daren are very happy and the wedding was really nice.The meatloaf is so good.I hope that you can try it..God Bless Melva, Love You Carolyn
Sharon/AngelHeart |
Dear Carolyn..
It's been awhile since I have been able to visit everybody, I try very hard on weekends to go leave my heart prints in as many as I can..I am so behind , I can see you have added so very much 'and I will catch up, I have some days I can use computer more then others, but I just went to "You Raise Me Up" what a glorious and beautiful page..I wanted to just stop by and wish you a blessed upcoming weekend, and hope all is well with you my friend...Angels guide your hands always
28 January 2005 - virginia beach virginia

Webmaster comments   Hi Sharon:
Thank you so much for your visit.I know what it is like to get behind on visits.I'm very behind on mine too and trying to keep all sites going.I 'm glad that you enjoyed 'You Raise Me Up'.I was really happy to add that one on my site.I hope that all is going good with you and your family.God Bless Sharon, Love Carolyn

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